Tap2You was created as a way to educate people about tap dancing, and is a new kind of dance competition.  Instead of rewarding bigger, faster and flashier tap routines, Tap2You is about rhythm, musicality and timing with a strong focus on performance and education.


Tap2You Competition Schedule for 2014

**To register for the competitions/classes listed below, please print and mail forms found on the Register tab **

Lakeland, FL

Saturday April 5, 2014

Polk Theater 

121 South Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33801




Competition-8am-12 noon


Adv Beginner           12:00-1:00

                       Intermediate A         1:00-2:00

Advanced A             2:00-3:00 
                       Wings and Things   3:00-4:00
Intermediate B         4:00-5:00
Intermediate C         5:00-6:00
Advanced    B          6:00-7:00
Advanced    C          7:00-8:00

*no class will be the same! If you are an advanced student, sign up for all three! They will be taught by different teachers!

















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